Saturday, July 31, 2010

Slight Chance of Rainbows

What the hail? Wallowa County has been getting slapped with sudden thunder and lightning spurts this week, sometimes with hailstones, often with ripping wind....

These here shots were at the lake yesterday and that monster of a cloud was building quick.

You have to peel your eyes, but there's a chunk of rainbow under the base of the cloud in that upper photo.

Got home and talked to Mom Rombach, who described an identical cloud forming out from her backyard over in Washington State. We think it was the same one, though can't explain the atmospheric anamoly that had it appear in both places at once. Please investigate, Bureau of Clouds.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bigfoot and Butterflies

‘Where Bigfoot Walks’ is a sturdy title so I pulled that book off the shelf when I was staying in a cabin down in Troy, Oregon between the Wenaha and Grande Ronde rivers earlier this year.

Robert Pyle is the author. He’s a butterfly guru and got on the trail of Bigfoot between netting mariposas. Met him out at the Fishtrap Billy Meadows writing workshop last week and it’s a good thing when you can look into the eyes of whoever typed out some words you’ve processed with your own eyes. Office newsletter, classified ad, whatever. Things make more sense once you put the writer and message together.
So. He’s a helluva guy to walk with through a field full of wildflowers and butterflies. I can vouch for that one. New book, ‘Mariposa Road’ hitting bookstores soon.

Here’s some pictorials from an afternoon at Buckhorn Lookout, perched over Imnaha Canyon.