Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rombach+Rombach Advertising Agency - Cute Kid Photos

Fast and furious around here at Rombach+Rombach Advertising Thinktank headquarters.

Did some pro bono work last Thursday for a garage sale a neighbor was having. Tight deadline, but we came up with a fresh approach and successfully attracted our target market of people driving by.

Things have calmed down since then, and I was cleaning up the desktop on my computer when I came across the following 3 images.

For a chance to win a piece of Trident gum I found while cleaning my actual desktop, see if you can discern which of the following images is from an actual, for-realsies ad campaign –

Is it Image #1, which shows my nephew Jacob modeling for a new brand of baseball bat grip tape, guaranteed to connect with long shots to deep center, if not over the fence? Hmm?

Or Image #2 –a happy picnic table scene advertising the new Claire Bear & Anna Banana Caesar Dressing - Now With Extra Goodness That Makes Kids Actually Enjoy Eating Vegetables TM.

Finally, we have here a promo for early-model light sabers, which were powered by propane and were somewhat larger than the eventual light sabers LucasFilms decided to go with –

The answer is: all three. Originally it was just #3. That's from a photo shoot for the slash burner my dad designed and, if I do say so myself, my younger self makes that hardhat look awfully dashing.

But, shoot, I think we're onto something here so I'm going to put all three on the market.

Place your orders.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hawk Gives a Back Massage

One hawk and another hawk . . . Sittin' in a tree . . .

You're so tense . . . 
It's the travel. I do a lot of flying for my job.

Geez, birds, get a room . . .

Birds of prey had a moment in the top of a spruce tree yesterday.

Check out Gearboat Chronicles for the rest of the interaction. [Spoiler – she tells him to keep his talons to himself.]

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Look Out Ben: 2012 Lawnchair Racing Video

Rock Thies took home the 2012 lawnchair trophy with his monoski design that has revolutionized the lawnchair racing industry.

Timm Turrentine's sound system on skis got second. I don't know who got third, but I got a pretty sweet bruise on my left arm and Ben Hayes learned what happens if you come at me from the left.

Roll the video. And check out the second one for footage from the lodge.

Thanks, Russ.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Naschair Racer

Bristling with skis, the Rombach Industries X12 Next-Generation Lawn Chair Racer has just been unveiled at a press conference in my yard on the eve of the Ferguson Ridge Ski Area's annual Fergifest lawnchair race.

Nothing says go-fast like magenta racing stripes.

Highlights of the design include ultra-lightweight safety features achieved by not having any. This is offset by many sharp points that will be nearly impossible to avoid in the event of a crash.

Powered by high-octane gravity and built around the engineering principle that whatever's lying around in your shop might as well be used, this year's model strives to be able to turn, a feature that was overlooked in the previous model and would have come in real handy.

Also, I totally copied Paul Arentsen's design, which has carried him to glory three times now and I feel pretty good about my industrial espionage.

Due to construction delays caused by building it at the last minute, the shakedown cruise will be combined with the actual race and we'll see how she does.