Monday, August 13, 2012

Flamed Hobbesmobile

My ibook keeled over and died on me some years back. Terminal harddrive failure, or I'd pissed off Steve Jobs or I don't know.

Got the data back, though, thanks to Travis at Wallowa Valley Net. Thanks, Travis.

So in the photo archives, first thing I saw was the Hobbesmobile. Named for what I always thought was a striking resemblance to the family car in Calvin & Hobbes. Observe. Their car.

And my car. Pretty much the same model.

Except for the obvious upgrades like that super-sweet custom flame job I painted. Daaaang.

And the super-custom twig grill with Copenhagen lid emblem. Can't order that out of JC Whitney. Inspired by original grill being stolen by the deer that crashed into it on Hurricane Creek Road.

While we're on the topic of these wheels, I'd like to thank the universe and Gary Wishart for this automobile. Gary called it the "Costanza," a fitting name for this Nissan Stanza.

So I got a job years ago that required a heap of travel. I thought, well, the '66 Ford is appealing to the eye and all, but may not be the finest choice for interstate travel anymore. If only I could find a vehicle for basically no money that gets good gas mileage. . . . and pretty much before I could finish listing what I was looking for, ran into Gary who asked if I knew anybody who wanted a pretty good car for $400 bucks.

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Todd Valiente said...

You will surely come across cars that have the same model as yours, but you can make it unique simply by customizing it. Thus, you can really be proud that you're the owner of the car. So you were the one who did that paint job, huh? Nice; you've shown some artistic skills right there. Anyhow, you're lucky that you ran into Gary. The car looks great. I hope you didn't regret buying it.

Todd Valiente @ Guanella Auto Body