Monday, September 26, 2011


Bowhunting season ended yesterday. No elk, nor deer, hanging in my shop. But I sure enough got my exercise in, which is how every hunting season goes for me.

Here's Mike Baird bugling from above the Imnaha River. He gets a feather in his cap for his bugling skills, which did bring the elk in....we just never got a shot. Also, he gets a feather in his cap because he found a feather and put it in his cap.

Saw this guy when I was tromping through the woods. Which is one reason I like the bowhunting. Get to see things you normally wouldn't.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wallowa Lake kokanee

This here is up from Wallowa Lake right next to the cabin I've been moving. Right where I dip Bula's water bowl. Wish I could take the stream along with the cabin but I don't have a trailer big enough.

Got some video too that I'll splice up when the splicing's right. That big guy chases off the little guys. Bully.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Log Cabin Rescue Mission

Some people save whales. Others rescue kittens. Me, I can't stand the thought of old log cabins being euthanized.

So this cute little bundle of logs from Wallowa Lake will live on after I finish moving it, replacing some rotten logs...then drawknifing it back down to natural and putting it all back together.

Sounds easy. Probably would be with an energetic crew and a crane. Instead, I have me. A crowbar. Some rope.

I did have Andy Fairchild help yesterday and he knows his stuff, even if he's never moved a cabin before. Neither have I. We managed to not get hurt, the roof and top logs got safely on the trailer and it's coming together nicely....I mean: coming apart nicely.

Here's a cool time capsule message written on one of the logs: Somebody Sprague signing his name, with the date August 11, 1920. I think that says 1920 anyway. '26?

And here's an interior shot. Fireplace will be repurposed into a pile of rocks. There's a limit to what I'm willing to move, and I don't have the same attachment to heavy rocks as I do old log cabins.