Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sold to a good home: Kifaru ParaTipi with stove

This two person shelter has gone to live on a farm with lots of room to run.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Changing the starter on a '97 T100 4x4

I was one turn of the key from a real cluster. Backed truck and trailer down to the river, loaded two rafts and gear after a fishing trip, started the trusty Toyota and pulled out of the ramp so the next guy could get his boat.
Happier times. Pre-starter failure.
Four of us were cramming in the extry cab for an hour ride, so after folding a six-footer in the back and breaking the legs on the 6-foot-six or so guy so he could fit in front, I turned the key and the Toyota wasn't so trusty.

One click. Then silence. Plenty of juice in the battery department but none of the starting effect that turning the key is commonly associated with.

On the plus side, we weren't backed down a ramp with the trailer almost in the water. Less cheery was being startless in a parking lot with a heavy-ass trailer, boats and gear connected. Passengers unfolded themselves, we unhooked the trailer and they put their shoulders into the tailgate for a push start.

Back home I got on youtube and watched a series of horror movies about how to go about removing a starter from the bowels of a Toyota. Wobble sockets, skill as a contortionist and being triple-jointed were standard recommendations.

Olly olly oxen free.

Lots of folks recommended just replacing contacts, as that's the problem 90% of the time. Cheaper, but they can be difficult to locate or even figure out which ones you need to then try and locate.

One helpful guy had a video about how to unbolt the starter, maneuver it around to gain access and replace the contacts without having to yard out a bunch of shit to squeeze the starter out. So that was my plan.

However. My '97 T100 4WD with a V6 and manual tranny is blessed with an easy escape route for the starter that none of the other youtube video folks seemed to have. So it came right out.

Heavenly shafts of light appeared to herald the miracle of the starter coming out easy.
Parts guys weren't impressed with the plan to just get replacement contacts and weren't sure they could get them. I could see where they were coming from, but various Toyota forums convinced me of the contacts-only replacement program. Rebuilt starter was 94 bucks and I could get it the next day. Didn't want to wait on internet-ordered contacts because I had a borrowed trailer hooked up to the startless truck, so 94 bucks it is.

Almost made it through the entire operation without busting my knuckle on a cold, unforgiving piece of metal. But right near the end I got the customary slip of the socket and resulting bloody knuckle. O, good.

Looking a little wrinkly. There goes my hand modeling career.
In conclusion, swapping the starter on a '97 Toyota T100 isn't as bad as I thought it would be. After 188-thousand miles, I don't begrudge the truck a new starter.

I've treated my knuckle wound with grease and dirt and it seems to be healing nicely. Now, hopefully we're back to reliable service from a truck that gets used pretty hard.

Good day.

Jack went up a tree

Shuffled tree limbs from the ground into the chipper for Jack Walker last week up at Wallowa Lake with his brother and Dave McConathy.

Here's Jack up a tree, but both of them are on their way down. Dizzying, I tell you.

Applying tension to nudge a section over: